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Showing matches for MICROSOFT ORD closing prices from 15-Jul-2013 to 26-Jun-2014

Security Country Sector From To Match
FISERV ORD US Technology 10-May-2010 19-Apr-2011 93.44%
GOOGLE ORD US Technology 05-Oct-2012 19-Sep-2013 90.72%
PROGRESSIVE OHIO ORD US Technology 05-Jun-2012 20-May-2013 90.52%
ALLSCRIPTS ORD US Technology 04-Jun-2010 16-May-2011 89.03%
BENCHMARK ELECT ORD US Technology 02-May-2012 16-Apr-2013 88.98%
LINEAR TECH ORD US Technology 30-Apr-2012 12-Apr-2013 88.94%
EPIQ SYSTEMS ORD US Technology 09-Aug-2010 20-Jul-2011 88.19%
ANSYS ORD US Technology 30-Apr-2012 12-Apr-2013 88.06%
MICROCHIP TECH ORD US Technology 19-Sep-2012 04-Sep-2013 88.0%
OPEN TEXT ORD US Technology 01-May-2012 16-Apr-2013 87.99%
MAXIM INTEGRATED US Technology 02-May-2012 06-May-2013 87.72%
PROGRESSIVE OHIO ORD US Technology 07-Jul-2003 17-Jun-2004 87.61%
STMICROELECTRON ADR US Technology 15-May-2006 27-Apr-2007 87.57%
ZEBRA TECHS ORD US Technology 06-Jun-2006 18-May-2007 87.38%
MENTOR GRAPHICS US Technology 30-Mar-2012 04-Apr-2013 87.03%
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